July 2019 schedule update for all clients

Dear clients,


Its been a pleasure working with you for the past 11 years, as both a friend and a resource to help you with your hair.  Many of you know that there have been good significant changes to my life over the past year.  Also that I would be moving at some point, the time has arrived.  This spring, I quietly married my long-time boyfriend and we are ecstatic to be blessed with a baby on the way at the end of the year.  


It brings me great sadness to now mention that I will not be returning to hair in the foreseeable future.  While I don’t have concrete plans to return, I hope in the future to travel to LA occasionally in 2020 and take on clients.  However, I don’t have those plans set in stone today.


Thus, I want to thank you very much for your business, loyalty, and trust throughout the years and even decades.  16 years as a licensed cosmetologist went by quickly, 11 of which I’m grateful for your support in helping me run my own business.  I found fulfillment in my conversations with you, creating styles, and having the most incredible friendships as a part of my life.  I am grateful for the opportunity. 


Thank you for keeping us in your good thoughts!  Please wish us well in the new chapter of our journey.  Sending everyone all the best of blessing and love.  If anything changes I will be in touch.  Thank you again. 


Your Hair stylist and friend Jianni 




As far as referrals and recommendations, I did not sell my listing to any hair stylist out there.  To do so I would have had to find one or multiple stylist, ready and willing to take on new clients and fully capable of providing the needed services.  Most important me recommending them to my trusted clients. Unfortunately the ones I knew in the past did move.  I could however help with who not to go to.  If you have a name you want me to see if I know their work you can ask me.  



Women’s Haircut:
Includes shampoo, conditioning mask, scalp massage, blow out and style.

Men’s Haircut:
Includes eyebrow trim, shampoo, scalp massage and style.

Hair Coloring

Base Color:

Partial Highlights & Base Color:

Full Highlight & Base Color:


Gloss Color:

Full Color:


Hair Treatments

Keratin Treatment:

Gloss Treatment:

Mask Treatment:

Awapuhi Treatment:


Hair Extensions

Tape Extensions:

Klix Extenstions:

Individual Extensions:

Weft Bonding:


Special Occasions Hair Styles

Blow Out:

Flat Iron:

Curls to Desired Styles:


Make up

Special occasion

Special effects

Air brush

How to apply you own make up personal tutorial

Jianni is not only an awesome colorist and stylist, but she’s super friendly and knows her trade.  I have long blonde hair that’s thin and she found ways to make it look fuller and more textured.  Highly recommend Jianni if you’re new in town and looking or need someone to fix a bad cut/color

Diane A.

Orlando, FL

Jianni Meyer is a certified hair extensionist with over 15 years of experience.

The best hair care products for each client’s desired hair needs will be applied to hair and recommended for client use.

Jianni Meyer always uses the best professional salon care lines available.

Organic, natural, vegan, sulfate free, paraben free, laureth free including:
Eufora, Unite, HG, Moroccan oil, and Go 24-7 by Unite for men.